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Treatment Methods

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Treatment Methods

The goal of insight therapy is to help a person discover where they have their exact problems. The advantages of this type of therapy are that a person emphasizes the recovery of conflicts, motives and defenses. There are techniques like free association a patient is able to relate whatever comes to their mind, their thoughts are not censored. An individual is able to learn more about themselves. Neither the individual nor the therapist knows where the conversation will go, but it is a topic that the patient is passionate about. There is a motivation that results in an increase of control of motivation n for behavior, feelings and thinking. Looks like you're focusing on psychoanalysis here. There are several types of insight therapy, some of which are much more directive than Freud's original methods. What disadvantages are there to insight therapy?

Systematic desensitation [spelling] is used to help people manage and conquer phobias. How? The client is willing to invest time at home. The patient can experience situations that may result in fear stress without tension and anxiety. A person is slowly getting accustomed to something there [they're] not use to. This method can be used to make permanent behavioral changes. With systematic desensitization and getting use to riding in an airplane person should learn relaxation techniques, this is important in the process of trying to get use to a phobia, and then talk about the phobia and continuously remind a person to relax and learn more about planes by looking at models of airplanes and or documentaries on airplanes so that they learn more of an idea of how planes take off, how the plane is able to stay in the air. Then they could walk around the outside of a plane than to climb inside of a life size plane sit in a seat , as they are sitting in a seat they need to reassure themselves that what is going on is ok. They can then go to having the engine started and get the feel of how the plane feels and sounds with the engine running while on the ground eventually a person will learn to relax within their phobia and get past their phobia. Yes - good evaluation of how this could work.

The form of therapy that might be best suited to help a person develop interpersonal skills would be cognitive or behavioral therapy. Possibly, but this needs to be explained. A person can address their feelings. It will teach a person how to relate with and to other people. How? A person can learn confidence. Looks like you didn't give this question much thought.  The form of therapy best suited to help with interpersonal skills is group therapy. With this method, a therapist can directly observe how a client interacts with others and provide support and coaching as needed.

Talking to ourselves can help us to build inner strengths, self-esteem, confidence and to learn on our own what we can do to motivate



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