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Us and Southeast Asia

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Hence, under LBJ, American troops were sent to fight in Vietnam, while the majority of southern Vietnamese not even being for their own corrupt government. The role of American involvement went from "advisors" under Eisenhower to "soldiers." Ironically, regarding corruption, LBJ was known in inner circles as "Landslide Lyndon" for his original 1948 election, in which he lost, then Democratic operatives "found" "marked ballots" which all happened to be for LBJ, and just enough to hand him the office. He is considered one of the more corrupt U.S. Presidents of the 20th century, right up there with Harding and Clinton.

The U.S. won the Vietnamese war militarily, i.e., the north Vietnamese Communists were willing to negotiate a peace treaty, but the U.S. state department basically handed the south to the Communists.

Other good primary source documents of the "virulent Soviet" era include: "New Lies for Old," A. Golitsyn; and "Inside the Aquarium," Viktor Suvorov. Presently, the PRC is a type of "liberal fascist" government, with world-ruling aspirations, according to their own documents and 100-year plan. The outmoded and false marxist pseudo-science is disregarded for the most part, the Communist Party is corrupt and oppressive in many cases (thousands of riots occur each year in PRC, people against CP corrupt officialdom), and the primary focus of PRC policy is building a stronger economy, with which a stronger military is then buildable. In the next 100 years, they plan to retake the Nationalist Chinese Republic of China on Taiwan, and exert hemispheric influence from "reclaiming" Russian Siberian lands to securing oil rights near the Philippines, etc.



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