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Asia Culture Shock

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According to Backman (2008), Bangkok's medical facilities are excellent and they offer top-of-the-line surgery and medical care to foreigners who are willing to travel to Thailand. These factors will attract and increasing number of foreigners to seek medical services there in the future. Moreover, Backman (2008) states that some animal's testing activities are illegal in Western countries such as America and Canada so some Western companies will push that testing in some Asia countries such as Singapore, Korea and Beijing.

The author is correct in his assertion that the quality of Bangkok's medical facilities in Thailand is the same as America so more and more foreign travelers from over the world come to Thailand to relax and refresh their body. There are two ideas which agree with author's opinion above. Rajiv (2010) argues that medical tourism is an upward trend in Thailand. Nowadays, there are a lot of people in many foreign countries visit to Thailand for their medical purposes. In addition, the price for medical service in Thailand is much lower than in America. It leads to there are a lot of foreign countries choosing some Asia countries to visit and combined to checking their medical purposes (Heather 2008).

There are some mistakes with the author's idea that some Western pharmacy companies can shift their animal experience to Asia laboratories to testing the new medicine. According to Kara (2011), the Korean government prohibits any companies which have any animal's testing medicine activities in their country. In this country, testing is cruel to animal and they do not have the right to jab needles into them. Furthermore, in Korea, some animal protecting organizations do not allow any global companies to testing their medicine on animal. They are keeping arguing against testing on animal from any companies including outside and inside Korea.

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