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Victor and Karen Career in Entertainment

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Essay Preview: Victor and Karen Career in Entertainment

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[00:00:00] Over in Wales it's a career in entertainment that brought Victor and Karen together. They're married with two grown up children and they met at a Butlins resort. Karen had worked a few seasons as a red coach at the holiday camp on Barry Island in the late 70s and early 80s. Victor worked there too. They hit it off and the rest is glorious history and happy memories for them both.

[00:00:22] Coming up on the train from Come on in the thrill of getting off a Barry Island and you're just getting off your case and everything remained under travel very light with a carrier bag. You didn't need to change your clothes for a week but I could smell the pool you know as a camera and you could see the pool and you could hear the children you know all laugh in and the lifeguards sitting there. I couldn't wait to get in that I was determined to be a redcoat determined and just 13 or so. I mean I don't know if that's a great ambition or not. I've done it that's all I can say. But you know I thought I was the greatest ambition. And like I said a great experience it was a wonderful experience. You know I've been with people and I love that area of sitting with people and chatting and dancing. I left the dance and all those did you like stuff. You loved it. I still do. But then of course you had the chance and like today I can't do it anywhere but in the ballroom doing all those dances the latest release I believe that to the military to stick simply in a small St. Bernard's waltz. I have it all. And then to see it to duties and listening to the comedians the morons that came there was so kind to a soul.

[00:01:28] And the nice thing about it was you could watch the cabaret whoever it was.

[00:01:32] Yes because they saw some good cabaret and the late night cabaret. I used to have fabulous people I came there. Wonderful. And they were always mean to the day you work on our show. Ted Rogers Bob Moon to So Freddy and adrenalin the dream. I didn't know them because I was 18 and he told me he was a cleaner. He did. And I believed him. Why wouldn't you love me like Cher was like at the daytime things a lot as far as I knew the donkey derby and all these silly things didn't you kids weeks.

[00:01:58] You relate. Oh yeah. Brilliant six. They came from all over the country the school children didn't they just you just to experience a week at Butlins I had to take a group of children to do something called Chuck ball which is quite a good game it's played with trampolines and a ball on the beach. These children they were from London and they were a bit boisterous. Let's put it like that. And as soon as I took them out the gates they were gone. They were in the sea I couldn't get them out. I was only literally with them. It was me and their teacher. He couldn't do it either. So I thought well what if they won't listen to their teacher then I can be heard of today. She'd have 1 2 5 0. I just let him get on with it. They were having such a good time but they were so unruly I say. But it was an experience and then. Oh yeah absolutely.



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