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Virgin Group Contemporary Management Issues

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Essay Preview: Virgin Group Contemporary Management Issues

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Virgin Group is a diversified grouping which has assembled by Richard Branson. He is the brain behind Virgin Group. Holding this disparate group of companies together is the combination of Richard Branson and the Virgin brand name. At the age of 16 he found a magazine called student which was addressing the problems and the situation that underwent at Vietnam and Paris. That venture was an immediate success. He was a person with extraordinary ambition and passion and went on to become a successful billionaire entrepreneur. It was then followed up in the year 1970 where Branson was bringing in discounted records shop which was cleaned and started a discount record store. As for the name of the shop he and his friends selected the name Virgin. In 1972 Branson demonstrated his unique style again when he entered the recording business. It was later on a big hit and he had selected the best of the best singers which was not even undersigned by anyone else. Still, the entrepreneur was restless and continued to seek new opportunities. In 1984 he came across another industry that interested him and about which he knew relatively little: the airline industry, the Virgin Airways. He purchased a Boeing 747 and began flying people back and forth between London and New Jersey, offering improved service and unique features. When all other Airline firm was adhere on the price of the airfare there was no change done by Richard Branson in the venture. He was keeping the normal fare and providing the right requirements for the passengers like master class bedrooms, shower and exercise facilities. Entertainment was an important in the Virgin Atlantic's success. Passengers were entertained with videos and, in some cases, live performances from mimes or musicians such as cellist Julian Lloyd Webber. In addition, first-class travellers enjoyed such perks as round trip limousine service to and from the airport.



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