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Website Design : Viewing the Web as a Cognitive Landscape

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Essay Preview: Website Design : Viewing the Web as a Cognitive Landscape

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Website design : viewing the web as a cognitive landscape

What is means by cognitive landscape? According to Bruun,(baca slide). Here, it means that cognitive landscape is platform to create the most incredible network of information processing & interpretation in the websites in hope to attract and retain visitors.

In E-marketing, Website design is very important since it is the path which sellers and buyers communicate with. Through the website, seller can show their products, and buyers can buy those. So in here, if you make your business on the internet, you should make great web site to fascinate customers. So customers will visit your website again, then, buy your products. In that case, how can you make your website attractive?

First, I will briefly introduce about the article and, how it is related with e-marketing. In this article, author is saying 4 elements to make website successful. The article is saying 4 elements are necessary to make it. And the author categorized 4 elements into this matrix. These are coherence, complexity, legibility and mystery. The successful website should contain all of these. It can be explained like this, standing at the garden gate is two-dimensional, and walking through the garden is three-dimensional. More simply, when you access the website, you feel coherence and complexity. And through explore website, you can feel legibility and mystery.

Coherence refers to the degree to which the environmental landscape hangs together. As such, relies on redundancy of elements and textures. An example would be the coordinated colors in facebook page

Complexity. Complexity refers to the richness of the elements in a setting. Simply, diverse contents can make complexity. Color photos, video clips, short articles, can be the example of this. By making complexity, the website can be more attractive and make the website more interesting

Legibility. Legibility is defined by distinctiveness. By possessing a memorable component, a landmark, a scene facilitates finding one's way. In the web, this is similar to having a site map to make navigation of the website easier or having a distinctive graphic or icon that makes way-finding much more straightforward.

In facebook page, first you can see the graphic icon in the upper side. And then, left side has menu bar. The menu bars remains positioned at the top and left side of the screen no matter to what page one moves. So it makes you explore webpage easier

Mystery. A curved path is far more enticing than a straight one. So, mystery enhances one's desire to explore a space by conveying the feeling that much more can be found if one keeps on going. Many websites try to establish mystery by having pages linked together not only mechanically but through the very content itself. The mystery element keeps users active on the site and ensures they stay longer.

For example,



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