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What Is Life

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life is what people believe it is. to live life is amazingly great. did you ever think how lucky you were to be born. out of all the millions of sperms that surrounded you, you fought your way through to live. you had a 1 in billion chance of living. now what are doing with the life you fought for? now today or whatever you want to call it people waist their life. i hate hearing that somebody killed themselves.it makes me sick to my stomach because somebody else could've had that life that you decided to end. another thing is, why don't people think GOD is real. for some alot of people dont believe and it starts to get on my nerves. i can tell this GOD created the universe how do we know the big bang. GOD probably snapped his fingers and that caused the universe to be created. another thing ,if that wasn't clear enough for you, is the stars and planet that surround us and that we see everyday. why would earth be the only planet that we could see would have life on it. how come we have a moon that makes light at night and a sun that makes light. the universe or whatever people believe doesn't form it self. GOD created the moons to be with the suns.why do people believe in 2012 i dont know but i can tell you this something will happen in that year. every year we always have a big natural disaster. now in 2012 people are saying the world will end. people the only way that can happen is if the earth blows up other than that the world will continue to exist with or without you.now when people say the world will end they mean everybody would die and when i hear that i just laugh because it is impossible i said impossible to kill every single person on this planet. there is way to much people in this world over six billion.you no how hard it would be to kill 999 million people? now when they say the world will end no it wont just maybe your world will end for whatever reason



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