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What Role Do It Systems Play in Marketing

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Competitive Advantage

* Technology can help a business achieve competitive advantage, if it can deliver the same product or service as its competitors but at a lower cost, by creating efficiencies in the business process. Alternatively, if a business prefers to provide goods or services of a higher quality than its competitors, then technology can help achieve this too. The Internet is a key component in achieving competitive advantage. Businesses can use it to promote the business, to offer online ordering, to offer order tracking and for online banking services. These benefits encourage repeat business.

Technology as a Tool

* Technology, such as telephone systems, computer hardware and email systems, play an integral part in the daily running of any business. Social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have proven to be essential tools in promoting the image of the business, and they reach a broad range of customers. These tools all open the business to the world and must not be underestimated as powerful business tools. Technology also helps businesses improve their communication with employees.


Data Management

* Most businesses have a wealth of valuable information on potential or existing customers. It is therefore essential that businesses implement efficient data management systems to ensure this information is fully utilized. The accuracy of this information can provide competitive advantage. Companies use such information systems to manage their accounts and financial records, human resources data, inventory and payroll. Moreover, data management systems support data mining, which is "a capability consisting of the hardware, software, 'warmware' (skilled labor), and data to support the recognition of previously unknown but potentially useful relationships," according to "Business Driven Information Technology ."


* Companies must put security systems in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Technology such as firewalls, automated backups and passwords are all integral to the daily operation of a business. Companies must conduct security audits or assessments on a regular basis to identify any shortcomings. The security of employees is also important, and computers running building access programs and other credentialing applications that support identity management enable businesses to maintain a secure working environment.



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