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Why Consumers Are Guilty to Consume Chocolate

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Essay Preview: Why Consumers Are Guilty to Consume Chocolate

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The analysis is done base on three parts which is on why people eat chocolate, self-concept and why consumers are excited by the use of palm oil in Cadbury chocolate.

Base on the research done, there are three main reasons why people consume chocolate, it is because of the taste of the chocolate, depressed and to maintain their weight. According to a statement made by Psychology Professor Paul on Daily Pennsylvanian says that chocolate that is been consume by people is mainly because of the taste, this is because the craving is satisfied through the mild flavour of the chocolate.( Tuhy, & Penn 2011)

On the other hand, researcher Beatrice Golomba a professor at the University of California states that people consume chocolate due to the depression one goes through and there is a connection between one's moods with chocolate. Though there is a link but Beatrice states that there does not seem to have a specific explanation on how it's connected. (Rettner, 2010)

Amongst this, Michelle Roberts who made a post on health reporter BBC website says that consuming chocolate regularly could help lose weight, this is due to the ingredients contained in the chocolate (Roberts, 2012). This statement is been supported by an article that is been posted on fox.com which also articulates that chocolates reduces body mass index. It also says that certain chocolate helps in health benefit for example reducing blood pressure and increase one's mood. (Internal Medicine, 2012)

The next analysis is about self-concept. Self-concept is classified as part of the psychological concept, it is related with consumer behaviour. This is because self-concept has an influence on how a consumer makes a purchase. Base on Sak Onkvisit and John Shaw who said that to provide the means to develop effective marketing programs, marketers should first understand what is self-concept and self-image.(Sak Onkuisit, John Shaw, 1987).

Roy argues that self-concept means the understanding of oneself which could also be said as an belief of one's self which includes the attributes of one's self. (Roy F Baumeister). The relevance of self-concept to market which is argued in the case study states that consumer purchase products and benefits because it helps to express and improve their character.

This could be supported in the article of consumer self-concept, symbolism and market behaviour states that to develop an approach to consumer behaviour by linking the psychological construct of one's self-concept with symbolic value of goods been purchased. (Edward L. Grubb, Harrison L. Grathwohl 1967).

The reason why is a big issue when palm oil was substituted in Cadbury chocolate is because the contain of chocolate solids has been reduced and so does the size of the chocolate bar. Further research was done and it was proved that it's not advisable to use palm oil



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