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Why Was Czechoslovakia Targeted by Hitler?

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Essay Preview: Why Was Czechoslovakia Targeted by Hitler?

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Why was Czechoslovakia targeted by Hitler?

Czechoslovakia was formed by in the 1918 from the break-up of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was targeted by Hitler because it had 3 million Germans in Sudetenland. By 1938, the Germans in Sudetenland accused the Czech govt of brutality against them and wanted self-rule which soon became an international problem.

He uses the pretext of them getting attacked and openly discriminated again.

What was appeasement? What does this tell us about the French and German govts outlook for a war?

Appeasement was the belief that it was still possible to settle the problems with Germany by peaceful means.

- It sought to avoid conflict by giving into Hitler's reasonable demands

- There was the view that Germany had been dealt with too harshly by the Treaty of Versailles and so they thought that by allowing Hitler to remove some of its provisions they might be removing a cause for conflict.

- Germany had rearmed with modern weapons and so there was the view that it would help to buy them some time to catch up with Germany.

The Western powers saw the priority to avoid another conflict at all costs. This allowed Hitler to push further and further for his territory.

Outline the "September crisis".

On 19th Sept, the French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier and Chamberlain drew up Anglo-French declaration and dispatched it to President Benes in Czechoslovakia which requested that Czechoslovakia surrender the Sudetenland to Germany. Later that day, Czechoslovakia would accept the Anglo-French plan.

Outline the Munich Conference and its significance.

The Munich conference was attempts, by the Western powers, to force Czechoslovakia concede to the German demands. The Western Powers would not support Czechoslovakia so Czechoslovakia reluctantly agreed to hand over the disputed regions according to Hitler's Bad Godesberg demands.

- The Sudetenland was to be occupied immediately and handed over in its present condition.

- All military installations, transports, commercial and public utilities were to be left intact. (infrastructure)

- Deadline of 1 October for this withdrawal or certain military measures would be necessary.

The policy of appeasement had succeeded in maintaining peace but Britain and France, the victorious democracies of 1918 had surrendered to Germany. Pretext for war if these demands are not met.

In your opinion, was the Sudetenland crisis just a pretext for war?

- Hitler



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