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Adolf Hitler Essay

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Some people still believe that Hitler was the most evil man in the world. Hitler killed over 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. Hitler disliked the Jews. He was trying to kill all Jews because of their beliefs and because he felt that Jews were not as good as Germans. We need to learn about Hitler and all the evil things he did.

Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria, on April 20, 1889. When he was little, he wanted to be an artist, although his work was not very good. Hitler got good grades in elementary school, but he was a poor student in high school. He quit high school at the age of 16.

Hitler's father died in 1903, when Hitler was 13 years old. In 1907, Hitler went to Vienna to be an art student. He tried to get into the Academy of Fine Arts, but he could not pass the entrance exam. He failed twice. After his mother died in 1907, Hitler received an inheritance from his mother and his aunt. He also received money from drawings and paintings that he sold. Hitler thought that Germans were superior and other nationalities should be treated poorly.

In 1913, Hitler moved to Munich, Germany because Austria wouldn't let him in their army, because he couldn't pass the physical. After World War I, Hitler thought that Germany was threatened, so he started to fight for Germany in World War II. In 1923, Hitler tried to take over Bavaria but he was stopped and put in jail for 5 years.

Hitler began writing a book. The book was titled MeinKamph (My Struggle). The book talked about Germany's future and plans to take over Europe. Hitler felt that he could take back the territories lost in World War I. He felt that he could defeat Europe in World War II. Hitler got out of prison in December of 1924, about nine months after his trial. On January 30, 1933 Hindenburg named Hitler leader of Germany.

In 1933, Hitler began to prepare Germany for war. Hitler sent troops in the Rhineland. He violated the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles said that Germany could only have 100,000 men in its army and 15 years to live in an area of Western Germany called the Rhineland. The hardest part of the treaty was the demand that Germany had to pay huge payments for what was damaged. Hitler planned to destroy the Jewish people.

In 1936, Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland , Violating the Treaty of Versailles for the second time. Hitler felt that France would not stop him, and he was right. This was the first of the Nazi dictator's victories without war.

In March 1938, Hitler's troops invaded Austria. Austria then became part of Germany. In 1938, Hitler began to take over Czechoslovakia. After each success that Hitler had, he planned a new take-over. He took control of the rest of Czechoslovakia in March 1939. Next Hitler wanted to take over Poland, but Britain and France tried to stop Germany.

They would go against Germany if Hitler attacked Poland. Hitler didn't think they



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