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Womens Sufferage Movement

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Essay Preview: Womens Sufferage Movement

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The Woman’s Suffrage Movement


Women may have many roles in the society and in their households but not one

of them includes the right to vote. Even if they contribute so much to the society, women were not deemed “persons” under the law. There were initially two main groups who were involved in this issue. The “suffragettes” and the “anti suffragettes”. The suffragettes were a term given to women who fought for their right to vote through protest. They believed that with all their contribution and member in the society, they should be able to vote and be deemed as “persons” under the law. Anti-suffragettes opposed them and believed women should not have the right to vote. They have different perspectives as some people believed men were superior to women, women were inferior to men and others didn’t believe that. Men are physically stronger and because of religious purposes they believed men were superior. Women still did a lot of work traditionally done by men as men went to war, so gender roles were not the same anymore but anti suffragettes still believed women were inferior and did not deserve the right to vote. They believe in male supremacy.

Part one:

The perspectives of the suffragettes: Usually they were all women but there were some men too.

The perspective of the the suffragettes was clear. They wanted the right to vote as they were a part of the society and country. They believed they were equal to males and should get the rights they have.

The purpose of a woman’s life is just the same as the purpose of a man’s life: that she may make the best possible contribution to the generation in which she is living.

— Louise McKinney {http://www.famou5.ca/the-famous-five-women/}

Louise McKinney was a Canadian women's right activist and her quote perfectly explains that she she believes in equal rights. She believes that women should have the same rights (at least right to vote) just like men, she believes that women should contribute to the society just like men.

The group held this opinion because it was not fair they weren’t treated the same as men. Why would men be treated superior to women? Because they supported the family and without them the family would be nothing? But women can earn now too as they took on jobs left by men when they went to war so gender roles changed and why shouldn’t the rights change too.

Part two:

The perspective of the Anti-Suffragettes: they were all men but some women agreed with them

The opinion of the anti-suffragette was clear too. They believed that



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