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Woolworths Marketing Report

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Essay Preview: Woolworths Marketing Report

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Marketing Report: Woolworths

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Table of Contents

Introduction:        2

1. Evaluating the environmental issues of the company:        3

Internal factors of the company (SWOT analysis):        3

External environmental factors (Pestle):        4

2. Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning strategies:        5

Segmentation of Woolworths:        5

Market target:        5

Positioning strategies        5

3. Evaluating the Woolworths marketing strategy:        6

Ansoff Matrix of Woolworths:        6

4P’s strategy:        7

5. Recommendations for the company:        8

Conclusion:        9

References:        10


Woolworths is one of the largest retail market stores in Australia. The company is operating its business in seven segments that is Woolworths clothing and garments, general merchandise which includes several types of the cloths, beauty products, home ware, and other life related products. The company is also operating there food processing in which Woolworths logistics. The company first opened it store in the Cape Town in the year 1931. Max Sonnerberg was the founder of the company. Headquarter of the Woolworths in Australia is in Melbourne. The company has now around 1500 stores all over the world and it has around 46000 employees approximately working for the Woolworths who are currently served more than 15 million customers all across the globe (Annual Report, 2016). In this project it will be discussed on the company’s performance and what will be the issues that are affecting the company. It will be includes the various factors like the external and the internal and the strategies that the company follows to perform in that market.

1. Evaluating the environmental issues of the company:

Internal factors of the company (SWOT analysis):

  1. Strength: it is one of the oldest retail brands in the entire Australia. As it is the oldest people usually believe on the company as it has serve million of people. It has the largest number of supermarket and it has a huge market share in comparison with other competitor. The company has a huge number of products and the services which they provide to every customer. The company also believes in the sustainability and it has committed to the environment saving.
  2. Weakness: the company does not make a mark in the international market as the brands and the company is only popular in the Australia and the South Africa. Apart from that company is also loosing the competitive advantage from its competitor. The company also have a weak point that they invest very late on the technologies. For an example the company has entered late in the online retail sector. Moreover the other companies are providing the service a way before the Woolworth thinks.
  3. Opportunities: the company is looking promising in the retail sector as its growth looks good in the recent quarters. There is a huge chance that the company will gain a new momentum as the growth of this sector is expanding. The company is also investing in the advertisement of the company so that the company is getting more customers. The retail industries also contributing in the economy of Australia that means it will grow more. The company is using the social media for its promotion that will help the company to make more sales out of it.
  4. Threats: the company is having the loss in the year 2014 that will a threat to the company to buckle up and try more hard to improve their performance. There is a growth in the Australian retail market but the rate of the Australian market is too slow to catch up with the world. apart from that the other companies are now trying to capture more of the markets that is a clear threat for the company

External environmental factors (Pestle):

  1. Political factors: the Woolworths are a well known company in Australia. The company is trying to fulfil all the needs of the customers through there retail outlets. If the political environment of the country is stable then a company can grow more and can perform in the market. The political conditions of Australia will decide the shape of the business of Woolworths. If current polices of the Australia are stable in nature as well as the foreign investments are stable then the company will able to get more investors for the company. Political disturbance can affect the company’s business and the investors to enter in the retail market.
  2. Economic factors: if the economic factor of the country like recession and the higher rate of the unemployment are there then it can also affect the business as it will lead to the low scale of sale as a result the financial stability of the company will decline. The company has also suffered the same when the company has also closed its operation in the United kingdom due to the unemployment rate was high and the sales are going down in the country. The financial crisis the can lead the company to close down the business.
  3. Social factors: the business always tries to impact the customer base for more revenue generation. Thus it is important for the company to identify the target market and develop a plan to fulfil the need. The customer is the main factor if the taste of the customer has been change and the product is not been updated according to the needs then it can impact the business
  4. Technological factors: companies who are using the advance technologies for their companies can increase the revenue as the modern technologies can help the companies to create more products which will be easier and reliable for the customers. If the Woolworths can improve the technologies in the retail market it can improve the revenue if it is related to the customer’s needs.
  5.  Legal factors: there are many legal factors for a company that can affect the performance of the company. Like the recruitment or the employee regulations, polices that are related to the taxes in the retail sectors. The qualities of the food item  or any new opening of the new store all requires the legal platform which should be done according to the local government.
  6. Environmental factors: the company can be affected by the environments. As the few products can be affected by the environments. The company also focus to use the environmental friendly products that are suitable for the customer as well as to the nature.

2. Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning strategies:

Segmentation of Woolworths: Woolworths is dominating the retail market in Australia. as the other competitors are way behind them. The segmentation is related to the diving total market into several sections. As the Woolworths also target those who are interested to get better products in better price. The company is also focused in maintaining their market share by aligning them with the authenticity and the freshness of the products. the company also doing B2B to capture the market very strongly (WILLIAMS, 2016).



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