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Working Out

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How many of you leave here and go home to deal with major sometimes stressful priorities. Whether it be your children, annoying parents, or a stressful job. Sadly I have to deal with all three. Better yet we all attend college and every student knows what time of the year it is. Yeah, its time for finals. And I am pretty sure the majority of us stress finals. Well stress may lead to weight gain or losing unwanted weight and nobody wants that! I may have a simple solution, How about going to the GYM...

Going to the gym decreases your stress level as well as it increases the chances of you getting that perfect body you always wanted, and it can be a life changer for others.

Going to the gym relieves a lot of stress. These past few months I been stressed out and I recently started working out. Nine out of ten times I come out the gym feeling like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I currently work out at the community center I work at and I went around asking some members "why do you come to the gym?" I got several answers but the most common answer was to relieve stress and lose some weight. Members said attending the gym is a big relief. I looked up the definition of stress in the dictionary and it said stress is "the physical pressure, pull, or other force exerted on one thing by another; strain. The action of the body of any system of balanced forces whereby strain or deformation results, the amount of stress, usually measured in pound per square3 inch".

Now I'm pretty sure many of us want to be psychically fit or just want to lose weight and your weight plays a very important factor in your life. According to the article "Gym sweats out bad times" by Laura Petrecca She called going to the gym "mind and body balance". In this same article the town sport international said and I quote "Protect your most important asset. Your health." "We're trying to encourage our current and potential customers to focus on things they can control. Your health is one of them." The gym can provide you with the appropriate machinery and guidance. Maybe its some of you guys first time going to the gym and you absolutely don't know what your doing the gym can also provide you with a personal trainer. In which the personal trainer will give you a full body assessment and tell you where your BMI is at and how you should weight now at the age you are. The help you get to your goal in the best and most comfortable way for you.

So going to the gym is very beneficial for you. It can be your own way to relive pain or just to get away from everything. It gives you a second chance at living a better-fulfilled and healthy life style. I'm going to leave you with one of the best advice I can give is to go the gym.



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