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Working Scenario of Wifi Intercom

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Essay Preview: Working Scenario of Wifi Intercom

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1) Server waits continuously to receive messages from clients

2) Whenever a registered user enters the network, the application in his mobile will automatically sends a message to the server (this is done when a wifi connection is established to server from mobile automatically by a background application)

3) Server stores the numbers from which it has received the messages in the active list ( It already has a list of registered numbers)

4) If the mobile is disconnected and again connected then a message is automatically sent to the server and the previous row in the table that contains the data about the number is updated

5) The table in the database may contain SIM number, time of connection established, status which is maintained by the server

6) When a user wants to make a call, the callie number is sent a message from server and the server responds to it by sending an acknowledgment to the server automatically (this is also done on the background)

7) If the callie is not within the network range, then a busy tone is sent to the caller indicating the call is being routed by the caller's service provider

8) If the server receives an acknowledgment from the callie's number, then call will be established using wifi

9) While the caller and callie are communicating, server sends a message to both of them and if acknowledgment is not received either from caller or callie, a Text message will be sent automatically to the caller which contains the details: total wifi network used, who is disconnected(caller or callie), time of disconnection.



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