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Workplace Motivational Paper

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Investor Profile Paper

Home Depot is one of the leading home improvement businesses in the country. According to HomeDepot.com " Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement specialty retailer and the fourth largest retailer in the United States with fiscal 2010 retail sales of 68.0 billion and earnings from continuing operations of 3.3 billion". (HomeDepot.com) This investor paper will identify two lenders that Home Depot uses and will investigate the investment bank the organization uses to issue stock. The paper will also discuss the role intermediaries play for the organization. It will also be identified which government entity regulates securities Home Depot issues and examine the role these entities play for investors.

Two companies Home Depot utilizes are Credit Suisse First Bank and Fifth Third Bank. Credit Suisse First Bank headquarters is located in Switzerland. Credit Suisse was founded in 1856, and the business area of this bank is private banking, investment banking and assets managements. Credit Suisse Bank has 405 offices in 55 countries and is known for its customer services. Another lender Home Depot utilizes is Fifth Third Bank. The banks headquarter is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a principal subsidiary of holding company Fifth Third Bancorp. Fifth Third Bancorp is a diversified financial services company with 111 billion in assets.

The roles the companies play in the success of Home Depot is essential. The Home Depot uses Credit Suisse First Boston when the company needs to borrow when new stores are opened or improvements are made to existing stores. The contract referred to as the Participation Agreement, is made between the Home Depot, Incorporated referred to as the guarantor, Home Depot, United States of America referred to as the lessee, and HD Real Estate Funding Corporation referred to as the "Facility Lender" (Participation Agreement, 2011). When customers want to use Home Depot's renovation services one of the banks the customers have the option to use is Fifth Third Bank. Neither The Home Depot nor Fifth Third Bank is affiliated in any way; this is just a lender the bank offers to customers (Home Depot Renovation Services, 2011).

Invemed Associates, Incorporated is the investment bank that Home Depot uses to issue stock. Invemed Associates, Incorporated is in the investment banking and securities brokerage business. The firm is a private company, a member of the New York Stock Exchange, and has extensive experience in and familiarity with financial and securities markets, securities and investments. In 1985 the board of directors of the Home Depot, Incorporated determined that the experienced advice and assistance to HDI in making its financing and securities related decisions would benefit the Home Depot (Investment Banking Consulting Services Contract - The Home Depot Inc. and Invemed Associates Inc.(Apr



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