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You Are What You Eat

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Title: You are What You Eat:

From Your Head Down to Your Feet


The purpose of my project is to determine if healthy eating habits has an effect on physical fitness.


I think that people that eat healthy food will be more fit than people that eat junk food after my experiment is complete.


1. Find a group of students and/or adults that are willing to participate in the experiment.

2. Divide volunteers in to two groups. Make sure there are the same amount of people in each group. Group 1 will eat healthy foods and follow a strict diet. Group 2 will eat whatever they want to eat. Foods from their normal diet

3. Make sure that there is a consent form for each person. Create a form with the help of an adult or teacher. The form should describe the experiment and should be signed by the student or the adult participating in the project. Consent forms are required for people participating in the project.

Contact the person in charge of the science fair to discuss the details of your project.

4. Pick five exercises that will measure the physical fitness of each person participating in the project.

5. On the 1st day of the experiment, measure the fitness level of each person involved with the project. Choose five different physical activities. Be sure to give the person a break between each activity. Record the results on the data table in a notebook.


V olunteer Group # of Situps done in a minute # of Jumping Jacks in a minute # of Push Ups done in a minute # of Pull Ups done in a minute



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