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Young Adolescents Experience Major Changes in Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Moral and Physical Changes

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Essay Preview: Young Adolescents Experience Major Changes in Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Moral and Physical Changes

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Young Adolescents Experience Major Changes in Cognitive , Social ,

Emotional , Moral and Physical Changes

Adolescence is the name given to the period in the life of human beings

between the ages of twelve and eighteen years . It is during the period

of adolescence that a human being matures from a child to an adult ,

usually in both the physical as well as psychological sense of the word .

That being said , it follows that this is the time in one 's life when one

goes through the most numerous and major changes in terms of cognitive ,

social , physical , emotional and moral development (Turning Points . This

article deals with explaining these changes along with relevant examples

as well as enumerating options as to and what might be done within an

out-of-school care program to accommodate those changes .

Adolescence plays a major role in shaping the future of individuals as

the decisions and choices that they make while steering through this

phase in life are critical in shaping the people that they become in the

future (Turning Points . This leads to the conclusion that this

developmental stage is the most critical to the development of the

individual going through it as well as the larger society that he or she

is a part of . Subsequently , growing adolescents have unique learning

needs as each person is different and unique from the other , not only in

terms of physical appearance such as their face or body but also in

terms of their psychological personality . Each person has different

strengths , weaknesses , abilities , disabilities , talents and learning

potential which needs due attention , especially during this growing

stage .

The academic years of adolescence are centered on middle school and thus

middle schools should ideally be required to provide a secure and

compassionate environment so as to develop the talents and strengths of ,

teach optimal usage of weaknesses and value each individual



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