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Employee Give Program

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New Women’s Shelter        

Fabrikam’s First Community Kitchen        

Annual Employee Recognition Excursion        


Here at Fabrikam, we never cease to be amazed by the spirit of volunteerism in our employees. Last month marked the five year anniversary of our Employee Give Program and after tallying all hours logged by our employees, we’ve reached our first milestone of over 500,000 hours of service to our local communities! [pic 1]

The Employee Give Program is mutually beneficial to our company, the employees, and our local communities. Since starting this campaign we’ve seen an increase in job satisfaction, morale, and communication across our regional offices. More employees have been promoted to leadership roles within the Fabrikam corporation and our need to bring in new leaders from outside our company has greatly diminished. And as a result of our job skill training programs, the majority of our newly hired employees come from our local communities.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our annual Employee Give Program recognition dinner in January. For the specific date and time for your location, please see your region’s SharePoint site and watch for local postings and announcements.

New Women’s Shelter

The Meadville women’s shelter acquired an additional structure to provide assistance to women and their children on the city’s west side. Arlene Huff from our central office pulled together a team of employees to convert two large rooms into bedrooms and expand the dining area. Along with the volunteers for extensive remodel project, women and children from the east side women’s shelter volunteered their time as well and helped with cleaning, painting, and yard work. [pic 2]

The new shelter is still in need of several items. If you’re willing to donate any of the following items please contact Arlene Huff at Arelen@FabrikamO365.onmicrosoft.com or 971-555-0123.

Cleaning supplies (laundry soap, trash bags, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaners, etc.)

Toiletries (all sizes including travel size)

Kitchen supplies (utensils, flatware, plates, cups, etc.)

Sheets and blankets (twin and queen size)

Ironing board and iron


Fabrikam and the woman’s shelter would like to thank Kai Axford, Ed Banti, Arlene Huff, Petr Karásek, Jeff Phillips, Charlotte Weiss, Joanna Yuan, and Amr Zaki for all of their hard work. We’d also like to thank Litware, Inc., for their donation of constrution materials and Margie's Travel for their donation of lawn bags.

I don’t know how we could’ve pulled together our new shelter in such a short time without the help of Fabrikam employees. Thanks to you we now have living quarters for another five women and their families. — Tali Roth

Dog Walking for Fitness & Charity

After discovering his local animal rescue in Chestnut Ridge was in need of dog walkers, Laurent Penisson contacted our corporate Fabrikam offices and pitched his plan for a new Employee Give Program that offers employees the opportunity to help a dog, get fit, and give to charity. [pic 3]

We’ve partnered with local animal shelters throughout the US and together we’ve created the Dog Walking for Fitness & Charity Program. All program participants will be given a Fabrikam-sponsored pedometer and for every 50 miles of logged dog walking, Fabrikam will donate $25 to the charity of the participant’s choice.

Orientation for this program will be held the first Saturday of the month starting in November. Attendance does not obligate you to participate in the program. For more information about the Dog Walking for Fitness & Charity program for your area, visit the volunteer wiki.


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