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1920's Case

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As I'm making the ham and eggs for the kids, I realize how grateful I am. I have the best husband and two great kids. I just turned twenty five yesterday. My name is MaryAnn Green, I usually go by Mary though. My husbands name is Jim, and my two kids are names Rae and Max. Rae is five and loves music. She also really enjoys playing with animals. Rae helps me take care of Max a lot, and I love it. She is so helpful to me. Max is now two years and is learning how to talk. He is full of smiles

and laughter. I stay at home with the kids all day while my husband works. Jim only works for a couple hours because we can afford it right now. Jim is a stockbroker and he sales stocks to people and businesses. Right now everything is going great and were bringing in a lot of money.

Every Friday night my husband and I go to watch some jazz down at the music hall. We live in Chicago, so there is music halls everywhere. Tonight is Friday and we plan on going to listen to Louis Armstrong. It's getting late so Jim and I drop off the kids with my sister and head to the show. When we arrive at the show we chat with our friends. Jimmy and I can't go anywhere without seeing someone we know! Later on that night Jimmy and I head home, and on the way we pick up the kids. Once we got home we put the kids to bed upstairs. We have a movie theater in our basement so we stayed up and watched some movies together.



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