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3 Goals Essay

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3 Goals Essay

When the the year of 2015 gets here, I will be twenty eight years old. When I was around the age of nineteen years old, I envisioned myself as owning my home, being very stable and maybe married with kids. Life as since dealt me a different plan in the form of mistakes I have made and other distractions. During all of my short comings my goals from the beginning have remained.

During all of my years in high-school I was somewhat lost and obviously a little lazy, at least when it came to following a program. I never really work very hard in school, most things came natural to me and I just wanted to get by. I have always considered myself to be an artist in a huge world of logic. I have always been a dreamer more than an intellect but, never the less smart. One goal that I have, before I turn twenty-eight or by the year two-thousand fifteen is to earn my associates diploma. Even though I want proclaim to be the most disciplined person I have learned that you have to play by the rules to win. I believe that to succeed in America you have to have some semblance of an education. Learning to be more systematic and orderly two things that will help me accomplish my objectives. I think that the most important way that I will reach my destination will be sheer preparation

Another goal of mine is to begin my credit history. I always felt when I was younger that cash was the best way to live. Now that I have had the chance to live some, I feel that credit is just as important. In order to start a business you usually would have to have started some credit line. Most people simply do not have the amount of capitol it would take. Even though credit will not be all I need it is a big step. I plan on applying for some type of credit card and then later on purchasing a car that I can afford through a bank loan. I believe that this will get me going on the right path towards a respectable credit score. Last of my short term goals, I would like to accomplish by two-thousand fifteen is being enrolled in a 4 year college. I would like to go to one of the Cal-St. Universities or possibly even a U.C. My decision to move to California for school is mostly based on an idea that I would be more comfortable there. I believe that all of my goals are attainable through hard work, so even when I am tired I tell myself to keep going.



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