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My Goals for the Future - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: My Goals for the Future - Personal Essay

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English Introductory Assignment

For my English introductory assignment, I have chosen to talk about my goals for the future.

In the future there are many goals I would like to achieve, but the main goals are: to compete in the X-Games for men’s snowboarding slope style and to study at a university in Europe. Since I am always working towards getting better at snowboarding at my local hill, I think that I have the potential to compete in the X-games. One of the reasons I would like to study in Europe is because the rest of my family lives in Europe and I would like to be closer to them.

I want to compete in the X-games because I love to snowboard and I am constantly working on getting better. However to compete in the X-games I would have to get even better. This would mean dedicating most of my free time towards getting better at snowboarding. Competing in the X-games would lead to many great opportunities. For example, one of the things it could lead to are sponsorships from different companies, which could allow me to have a steady salary and a salary based on performance. I would also like to compete in the X-games because it could allow me to travel to many different countries to practise or for other competitions. This would be a great opportunity for me because I love travelling and it would be an even better experience if I could travel and snowboard at the same time!

The other goal that I would like to accomplish along with competing in the X-games is to study at a university in Europe.

I would like to study at a university in Europe for a few different reasons. The first reason is, as I said before, that all of my family (other than my parents, my brother and I) lives in Europe. Studying there would allow me to visit them more often. The second reason is because I like travelling to different countries and it would be a lot easier to visit many of the countries in Europe because they are so close to each other. Another reason I would like to study in Europe is because I’ve heard that in certain parts of Europe the education is more diverse, since there are a lot of different countries within such a small area. This allows them to spread their cultures to all of the other countries that are nearby. Finally, I would like to study in Europe because it has a very rich history and I would be very interested in learning more about it. To study in Europe it will take a lot of effort and dedication towards learning so that I can obtain the grades to study there. One way that I have already started working towards studying in Europe is taking a part in the ISP program. This leads towards the IB program which would look very good on my resume and it would give me some of the tools that I will need to study there. Another advantage that I have going for me is that I have dual citizenships, one from Canada and one from Romania. Since Romania is in the European Union, it would allow me to work/learn in most parts of Europe without a problem.



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