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4 Kinds of Love

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The (4) Kinds of Love: Agape, Eros, Storage, Phileo

Crystal Sykes

CDG218: Visual Literacy in Business

Ashish Godbole

November 29, 2010

Love is an emotion that we all desire to have and to hold. Love unlocks the door to happiness, completeness, and fulfillment. Love suffers long. Love opens hearts wide to receive love; in return love can be given. Love is not puffed up. Love is kind and gentle. Love is not envious. Love does not behave unruly. Love does not rejoice in calamity. Love rejoices in truth. Above all, LOVE is God (Bible).

Agape love is the love of God. This love loves in spite of instead of because of. In other words, you do not love because of what someone can do, has done, will do for you. You love regardless of the circumstances. I know that is hard to do when you have been hurt or done wrong, especially if you do not have any type of relationship with God. If you do have a relationship with Him, it can be hard sometimes. This love is the domain of all types of love. All facets of love stem from this type of love. You have to have agape love really, to understand how to love in the first place.

Eros love is a sexual yearning, desire and passionate. Eros originated from the Greek word erotic. It is the chemistry between two people. It is a deep feeling, desire, for love, like with a husband and wife. It can be magical. Maybe that is where the saying comes from "love at first sight", the cupid syndrome.

Storage love is that of a family unit. It is the love and affection that parents have for their kids, siblings have for one another and the parents have for each other. This love is considered as most natural, I guess you can say it is a given. It is an affection that is already present, no need for coercion.

Last, but as important, phileo love. This love is a strong bond between friends. They share the same interests and activities. The love between true friends is worth a thousand words.

Love, when it is not contaminated by self-interest or false pretense is just that LOVE.


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