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A Case Study on the Cvs

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Essay Preview: A Case Study on the Cvs

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What changes would you recommend to CVS’s existing pharmacy fulfillment process? What information technology (IT) changes, if any, are required to implement those changes?

• Drop off, data input, insurance check – all should be done in the presence of the customer.

Data entry should be completed at drop-off while the customer is still around to ease the verification of customer insurance information. Insurance check can be done in the presence of the customer.

The data entry clerk should confirm and add the clients name, address, and birth date on prescription to the database and express any conflicting issues in the third party payment immediately to the customer to prevent unpleasant surprises to the client at the pickup time that would lead to the customer leaving the firm. Before, no one would look at a script until 1 hour before pick-up which is insufficient time to resolve any issues.

Clerks may also ask for the best number and time in which to reach a customer in case of a problem, which would be a change from the past. Staff can also inform the customer about insufficient inventory at drop off instead of the customer finding out when they come back for the pick-up.

Automated check of goods in stock.


The CVS we can develop an online portal to register their prescription instead of having to go to the store to drop them off. This excludes the data input job from the CVS side as it is will be done by the customer as well as reduce paperwork. By connecting the central database with that of the third party payers e.g. insurance companies, utilizing technology such as ERP, the consumer can directly calculate his/her fraction of the copayment.

Also, the boxes that hold prescriptions can and should be replaced by an online “virtual queue,” which can be displayed on all terminals in the pharmacy. Virtual queue tells techs and pharmacist what prescriptions to work on in order of various demographic variables. A database of goods in stock which should be frequently updated as well as the possible time in which the client gets the prescription should be made available to the customer.

How can you be certain that the process you propose will be better than the current one? How can you be positive that it won’t worsen the current situation?

As people endeavor in various business activities, the goal is to provide efficient services as soon as requested.

Therefore by availing all their services online, it can be relatively easy for the customer to acquire all the necessary services. Also, the company should provide an accurate time frame in which they will have delivered the prescriptions to the client, as well as make the copayments, and most importantly



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