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A College Degree

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Essay Preview: A College Degree

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In order to have a successful future you need a college degree. You can barely get a job with a high school degree now-a-days. Not only is it important for currency, but the job field i am desiring to enter would laugh in my face if i told them i had no college degree. You can not be a medical examiner/ coroner with no college experience at the least. I need to have a brighter future than the descendants in my family, i need to be able to provide for my struggling parents whether my job is interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing or a medical examiner/ coroner. There's only one person in my family that graduated from college in my family and the proof is in the pudding, she has a constant and steady job with a great amount of income while my other family members are easily struggling to make a paycheck. I refuse to live paycheck to paycheck. Not going to college will hinder me in other ways as well, its important to me because, knowing my own persona I cannot just jump into the adult world. College is a way of slow entrance. It shows me how it will be without leaving me out there in the cold. College is also important for the experience it will give you, it leaves you with a taste of what life will be like, entering the adult world. Achieving this goal is more important to me than even my mother can understand, because I see her struggle. I don't want my children to worry about having to ask me for things that will cost, I don't want them having to give up the want of a senior ring or graduation invites or even senior attire. I want them to know the importance of working hard to get what you need.



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