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College Degree

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Earning a college degree is a big milestone to achieve in my life. I want to accomplish

my goal and obtain personal satisfaction upon receiving my degree. I also want to achieve this

goal before my three year old son starts kindergarten. I want to be a good role model and set an

example for him. I want my son to know the value of furthering his education and how important

it is to obtain a college education.

Having a college education and obtaining a degree it will increase my career

opportunities and provide me with an immense amount of employment opportunities. In today's

society, a high school diploma is not suffice, and employers seek candidates that have a higher

education. It opens doors in the competitive job market.

To prepare to return to school, I researched two options which were attending school full

time and online school. I compared these options and concluded that attending an online school

would work better for me and fit within my everyday schedule. I work full time and am a single

mother now, so I able to study at home and still have time to take care of my son. I don't have to

worry about paying for daycare because I will be at home with my son. I had to mentally prepare

myself to go back to school. I had to make a schedule and set aside time to accommodate

studying after my son is sleep. I also had to change my weekend routine to balance my free time

to complete assignments and spend time with my son.

Obtaining my Bachelor's degree is one of my main priorities and I am prepared for any

obstacle that I'm encountered with. This is my main focus and I will not let anything deter me

from reaching my goal. I will keep my focus on completing my degree program because I know

that it will benefit me in the future. It will help my reach my career and financial goal so I can

gain satisfaction and be able to support myself and my son with ease.



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