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A Day in the Life of a Muslin Teen

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Essay Preview: A Day in the Life of a Muslin Teen

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My Muslim teen is only 14, he lives is a small house by the sea. I have been following him for about 6 months now. I have found much interest in what him and his family do during the month of Ramadan. This article will tell you a little about me adventures with him.

The first pillar of faith is shahadah or faith, meaning that you only believe in one god. His family supports this pillar the most, the god they believe is Allah. Muhammad came into play with this pillar, he was Gods messenger. Not to long ago, when his family and him praying in the morning, I realized that it was the 'Day of Judgment'. This is the day when God weighs each persons actions those who have remained loyal to God will make it to paradise. If you have been disloyal will fall to hell. Most of my teenagers' family made it through this ritual, but he new of one in his town who unfortunately did not.

The second pillar of faith is salat or prayer, you pray 5 times a day. Dawn, noon, midday, sunset, and after nightfall. They walk with all the neighbors when the muezzin calls from the minaret. The children line up in front of the water fountains so they can wash themselves, to feel pure. When praying they face the 'qibla' witch tells the direction toward Makkah.

The third pillar of faith is zakat or almsgiving a.k.a charity. They ask the rich to give to the poor to help control greed, also to remind people of gods great giving's to them. Almost everyday 'my teenager' and his family put their spare change in the zakat box.

Overall when my teenager completes a day in his life this is what it consists of. This is also how his family copes with the different holidays for there religion.



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