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The Day in the Life of Me

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My story is a simple one. I get up everyday, wake the kids up one by one. Then I get them out the door and off to school. I run errands all day and drive back and forth from place to place. Food shopping, bank, post office, drug store, gas station are among the many places that I go to on a daily basis. Once the kids get home they start homework and then go to their activities. When we get back it showers and getting ready for the next day. Then we are off to bed to start once again the same cycle for the next day.

At least everyone appreciates me I know that my family loves me and would do anything for me. Even though I rant sometimes that I am not appreciated at all and that I am going to go away on my own, LOL! Where would I go! Possible to an island, I do like the beach so somewhere where the ocean is beautiful with light winds. I would leave all forms of communication at home. No BlackBerry! iPad, lap tops, nothing. No way of getting in touch with mom to ask me 5 million questions! I would love to have the opportunity to just sit back relax with a cool drink in my hand and not have to worry about what the next question will be.

I wonder what they would all do without me? I wonder if they would be able to perform all the necessary activities to get through the day. I'm sure I would come home to a complete disaster. Clothes! Shoes, books and papers everywhere.



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