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A Key to Life -- Impression After Reading Front of the Class

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Essay Preview: A Key to Life -- Impression After Reading Front of the Class

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The story is based on facts. Brad Cohen is a young man suffering from Tourette syndrome. He cannot help twitching and making strange sounds at any time and in any place, which totally drives people around him insane. In the case that teachers,schoolmates, the passerby and even his farther had no idea about the peculiar disease, little Brad was considered as a naughty boy that could not be quiet for seconds. He was teased by his classmates and discriminated by others. However, relying on his positive attitude to life and his persistence of a dream, Brad finally became a teacher, the occupation that almost everyone thought a sufferer of Tourette syndrome could not be engaged in.

While being deeply touched by Brad's experiences, I have learnt a lot from him. No matter diseases or other difficulties cannot stop the steps of those who are determined to hold their beliefs to success. The Tourette syndrome is regarded as a trouble to others but a friend as well as a teacher to Brad. We can learn from the book that Brad's mother tried to cure his Tourette syndrome at any cost when Brad was a little boy. They once found a place where gathered sufferers of Tourette syndrome. Among these patients, the adults were out of work and the children just stayed at home -- they dared not show their faces in public. The mother who originally thought it would help found that the passive atmosphere of this place would go against her child. She made an apology to Brad and immediately took him away. Fortunately, the 12-year-old boy had reached a consensus with his mother -- never give in. Brad said that he was different from people there and he would succeed instead of being defeated by the disease. In contrast, Brad's farther did not believe that his flawed son could integrate into society all the time. Brad was always sticking to his belief -- being a teacher. He did not care about what others thought and tried his best to overcome all the difficulties. Finally, he proved that "anything is possible" by his achievement.

Moreover, to look at the world in the simple view as a child. As far as Brad is concerned, the way children look upon the world is very different from adults'. Children may say "I am going to......" instead of "I cannot......". So Brad are always doing so. The naive thoughts of children reveal such kind of simplicity that gradually die away as people grow up. To survive in society, people learn to be worldly-wise and shrewd; it is easy for them to give up in the face of setbacks. Thus, Brad try to tell people to "be a child" -- never give in and pursue the dreams. Or learn to be more "innocent" as a child and look on things in a simple way.



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