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A.P. Essay Quiz

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Western Europe at one point was looked at being at an economic disadvantage because it required very long voyages by either land or sea in order to participate in the many trading opportunities with the inhabitants of Asia and those near the Indian Ocean. Also, by using land they would need to use middlemen when trading beyond the Mediterranean. However this had all changed by 1492 because the outlook of the location of Western Europe had changed after the Spanish explorer, Christopher Columbus, had found a new area of land on accident. Because of this, the people of Western Europe were now closer to the New World and had numerous advantages because they could participate in trade and other economic opportunities.

The Protestant Reformation during the 16th and 17th centuries affected both Europe and the efforts made to colonize the New World. The many different views and ideas were results of the reformation and people came across to the New World with their main goal being freedom of religion. Puritans left England after the Reformation which split the Church because it wouldn't be advantageous for them to stay in England. Without the reformation, there would not have been as many people coming to America.

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