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Abortion Case

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Abortion is one of the most controversial social issues in today's society. Over forty two million abortions are performed each year on legal and illegal grounds and one-hundred and fifteen thousand daily around the world. Sadly, every twenty-two seconds, a baby dies from abortion. Abortion is morally wrong, but I think abortion clinics should be available to those who seek one. I believe that because life begins at conception, aborting a child is murder. Aborted children have done no wrong, so there is no reasonable explanation to punish these children with death.

I would rather abortions remain legal, so women may have safe, and sanitary abortions. There are too many women who die each year from self-induced or poorly organized abortion procedures. I have gone back and forth for years, trying to decide if I think abortions are right or wrong. I have never been in any situation that would cause me to even contemplate getting an abortion, so I know that I might not completely understand if someone my age has one. I am only basing my decision on those who get abortions out of their own selfish ways. I don't think humans have the right to play God and abort a child out of our own selfish needs. Anyone with a good moral upbringing knows that one must take full responsibility for their own actions. No matter the reason, the decision to abort a child will always live with someone, and I'm not sure I, personally, would be able to handle that kind of guilt and regret.

My only exception is rape victims. These women have done nothing wrong, and do not wish to suffer through a long pregnancy, but there is a small part of me that doesn't believe abortion should be their answer. Every year in high school, the topic would come up in a class and we would debate. Every year I ended with the same conclusion, rape victims, in my opinion,

should be allowed to get an abortion, although I still think it is morally wrong. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason; as awful as that might sound in some cases. I personally cannot imagine carrying a child for nine months, when the child was not made out of love, so I do praise those women who have the strength to endure that kind of physical and emotional pain. It's those women that rape victims should be looking up to in those situations.

One thing I have contemplated on with rape victims is if they decided to keep their child, what would they tell them about their dad? Every child asks how mommy and daddy met; how would the mother handle that? And the worst part, if the child knew they were conceived out of rape, how deeply would that mess with them, emotionally? These are some questions that lead me to decide that I think rape victims should give their children up for adoption, unless they can handle those types on conversations down the road. Those children didn't have a choice, so if they knew, how would they



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