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Abortion Case

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Essay Preview: Abortion Case

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Asking someone to do something that you know is wrong is the hardest thing anyone can face. After two years of being with my girlfriend I ask her to get an abortion. I knew it was wrong for me to ask. I was so worried about me going through my divorce, and work that I never stop to ask how she felt. By the time she told me she was pregnant she was already a month, for men we don't know what that means. She was always getting sick and tired, so I had convinced her that if she did this for me we would have one later and save money so we can start a family. How inconsiderate of me to ask her to think that way. I told her I would pay for the abortion and make it up to her. So the next Saturday morning we had an appointment to get the abortion. When I got to the clinic I saw so many women in there waiting room ready to kill an innocent child. I could see the look on her face the whole time when she was waiting to go in the back. When she came out I took her home so she could lie down, she would not speak to me. I could not believe myself. About 2 months later she was pregnant again, and this time she kept the baby now I have a health three year old little boy. I have learned over the years that God has given us children as a blessing.



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