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Academic Research and Writting

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Essay Preview: Academic Research and Writting

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Maslow’s Hierarchy 29/11/16

The past six years the writer of this essay has worked in Social Healthcare section as a care assistant with the company called Homecare Partnership, the Head office based in Golders Green. In this paper will compare and contrasts personal work experience with two motivational theories Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Huzebereg

Motivation is a need to accomplish goals, the power to do better than, it produces stands and controls behavior towards a specific goal.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs describes that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced needs. His hierarchy pyramids made up of the five stages of needs these are, Physiological (primary), Security, Social, Esteem, and Self-actualizing needs, while the highest needs are at the top of the pyramid.

Physiological Needs and my work- These include the most basic needs and essential to existence, such as water, air, food, sleep, and sexual reproduction; more or less these necessary requirements in the hierarchy have met.

Security Needs and my work-This stage includes the needs for safety and security, things such as work in a safe area, medical insurance, Job security, financial reserves and shelter, acceptance by others. However, Because of the following reasons, this stage does not meet

The company does not treat each employee equally because the company has differentiated the office staffs and careers

The contract is zero hours no needs for safety

No insurance cover at the workplace

Social Needs and my work-Concerning this stage I have no problem, because I have a good relationship with others and it includes needs for belonging, love, and affection. Maslow described these needs as less basic than physiological and security needs. Requirements in the hierarchy have met.

Esteem Needs and my work

After the first three needs have been observed, esteem needs become increasingly important because at this point the employee has gain the respect and appreciation by the company. However, I have no got any recognition or appreciations. Therefore, this condition has pushed feelings of un comfortably.

Self-actualizing Needs

This is the highest hierarchy of needs. Self-actualizing people are self-motivated, personal development, less concerned with the opinions of others, and interested fulfilling their potential. These six years has developed my experiences and confidence, therefore, which are energized moments of deep happiness and harmony to engage to my future course of life.

Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory -Herzberg has described the factors that can increase satisfaction and dissatisfaction at work often from different factors and he names it hygiene factors and motivator factors

Conclusion An individual's behaviour may be in response to several needs, and the same need may cause different behaviour in different individuals, so it is difficult to use the model to explain or predict individual's behaviour in response to rewards.

The needs become a bit more involved at this point in the hierarchy. Now that the more basic survival needs have been fulfilled, people begin to feel that they need more control and order in their lives. A safe place to live, financial security, physical safety, and staying healthy are all concerns that might come into play at this stage

Most of these lower level needs are probably fairly apparent. We need food and water to survive. We also need to breathe and maintain a stable body temperature. In addition to eating, drinking, and having adequate shelter and clothing, Maslow also suggested



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