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Air Bar Case Study

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Essay Preview: Air Bar Case Study

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Principles of Marketing by Rohail Ashraf

Marketing Project Report – Group 8

Osama Zahid – 19110201

Talha Ayaz – 19110280

Eesha Nadeem – 19020507

Namrah Qureshi – 19110287

Mahad Imran – 20020288


Introduction        3

    Product Description        3

        Product Need        4

Market Audit ………………………………………………………………………………….4

     PEST Analysis        4

     Competitor Analysis        6

S.T.P (Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning)        6

     Segmentation:        6

     Targeting:        6

                Private Schools        7

                Architects        7

Positioning:        7

Marketing Strategy        8

       Price:        8

       Costing:        8

       Place:        9

Distribution Channel(s):        9

Promotion        9

       Online Advertisement        10

       Launch Event        10

      Personal Selling        11

Extension Strategy        11

Product Life Cycle        12

Budget        12

Break-Even Analysis        13



Air Bar is truly a revolutionary product, enhancing the way one can interacts with their PC. This ground-breaking product can give any ordinary PC touchscreen capabilities, and that too without any of the issues a touch screen computer might have because it's not power hungry and can be used with matte screens. AirBar works by projecting an invisible light field on the surface of your display that makes it possible to "touch" the screen and interact with Windows® 8 and 10 gestures. The reason you can use anything to touch the screen is that the light field reacts to any disturbance, unlike touchscreen computers which can only be used using your skin such that it conducts electromagnetic fields. So, raise your hand and make sure you're first in line.

Product Description

Air Bar promotes itself as the gadget that can give a PC touch screen capabilities without the conventional pre-installed touch screen. However, upon analyzing one might find out that Air Bar is superior compared to a laptop’s touchscreen. Touchscreens use capacitive sensing which has some drawbacks that AirBar doesn’t have. One of the drawbacks include only being able to use the laptops with something that conducts electricity such as your bare fingers or some specially made stylus. Air Bar with its superior technology uses light to detect the disturbances hence can be used by anything such as a normal pen, paint brush or whatever one can think of. Due to the superior technology, Air Bar has a better precision and accuracy than regular pointing devices used on laptops. It can detect the exact area where the screen is being touched unlike a trackpad which usually skips around. Also, since Air Bar is a plug and play device it can be connected to any PC or Mac, hence, consumers does not have to worry about the updates and compatibility of Air Bar. Moreover, the product simply attaches using magnets and can conveniently be detached and used on other devices. Some of the functionality includes being able to use gestures such as pinch to zoom, flick to scroll, drag and many others.

Product Need

Why change your old computer when you can upgrade it? People are forced to buy a new computer whenever some modern technology is introduced such as touch screens. By purchasing an AirBar people only pay for what they need because it can be expensive to buy a new touchscreen PC or gadgets just to avail some new features.

Air Bar’s capabilities are bound to enhance your creativity as it is a whole new way to interact with your computer. Consumers can use their screen like a Canvas to paint using a brush, it can even recognize the various kinds of strokes used on screens. Using design software like Adobe’s Photoshop or Coral Draw is made easier and one can be creative in any way they like, anything is doable from making a painting to banners and posters.

Students can really make their lives much easier with the use of Air Bar, simply put this can make them more productive. It is easier to use a touch screen to take notes by drawing graphs using better color coordinated notes or use a pen to write on the screen. The popular touchscreen laptops among students such as the Microsoft Surface are costly while Air Bar adds the capability of touch to any computer.

The size and compatibility of Air Bar makes it easy to carry around and increase productivity by working more efficiently.

PEST Analysis


The political factors that affect AirBar include the political and economic relationship between Pakistan and Malaysia. As the units are imported from Malaysia, the business relies on this relationship hugely. Pakistan and Malaysia are on good terms and have a trade agreement which is in effect since 2008. (1)

Since then, trade between the two countries has been increasing significantly. Thus, we do not expect to face any difficulty in importing the products from Malaysia. Furthermore, the import tax is favorable at a rate of 12%.



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