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Alka Seltzer Lab

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"Alka Seltzer and H2O"


In this experiment I will be testing the effects altered water has on 1 tablet of alka seltzer. Alka seltzer is a tablet that is an antacid, which is used to treat pains, aches, heartburn, upset stomachs, hangovers, and more. The directions on the back of the packaging states that two dissolved tablets should be taken in water every 4 hours if needed, and it may not exceed over 8 tablets in a 24 hour time frame. Also that no one under the age of 16 should take the tablet. From personal experience I took the tablet while I was pregnant after consulting my OB to treat a major heartburn. The taste was bitter, tart and chalky, and I personally did not like it. If I place a tablet of alka seltzer in a cup of water containing 200ml of water, then the tablet will completely dissolve.


* 1 cup of hot water at 55 degrees Celsius

* 1 cup of ice cold water

* 1 cup of acidic water (vinegar diluted in room temp water)

* 3 tablets of Alka Seltzer

* Stop watch on my iphone

The dependent variable is the different types of water.

The independent variable is the tablet of Alka Seltzer.

The constant is the amount of water used in each cup.

The control was the time elapsed while waiting for result.


The procedure for this particular experiment goes as followed; the first thing I did was fill all three cups with 200ml of water. The first cup was filled with ice cold water, the second with water 55 degrees Celsius, and lastly room temperature bottled water with 10 drops of vinegar. I then dropped 1 tablet of alka seltzer in each cup at the same time and observed the different reactions. I recorded what I observed (the results). After recording the results, I repeated the experiment exactly the same way two more times and the results where the same.


After carefully observing the reaction of each cup of water after the dropping the tablet of alka seltzer I was surprised. In the first cup, which contained hot water,

the tablet instantly starting fizzing and dissolved. There were a few water bubbles at the top of the cup, but not much. In the second cup, which contained ice-cold water, the tablet immediately sank to the bottom and took some time



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