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And Degree Versus Bsn Degree Competency Levels

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Essay Preview: And Degree Versus Bsn Degree Competency Levels

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AND degree versus BSN degree competency levels

Grand Canyon University: NRS -430V Professional Dynamics

June 10, 20012

AND degree versus BSN degree

I realize that more knowledge in a chosen career empowers one's work while creating a less stressful environment for self and coworkers. Health care is a very complex division, but nursing care is meticulously demanding. Because of the switch from hands on training nurses of the 18th century to early 20th formal nursing education from Colleges and Universities, an Associate degree was required originally as an alternative for anybody who desires a low rate and a small term vocation course throughout World War II; for better understanding of nursing, a Bachelor degree is obtained from a University that requires four years study. In both paths students are qualified to take the same NCLEX exam, but the competency level of a nurse with a Bachelor degree prevails over a nurse with an Associate degree in many ways. A nurse with a Bachelor degree is more prepared than a nurse with an Associate degree because of critical thinking skills while using evidence based practice modality, leadership, and vital decision making skills.

Initially, the ADN is a reduced two year degree program that centers its attention on clinical skills. Nurses at this level are trained to assess, observe patients, report change to doctors, and implement intervention which lacks theory and science for the qualification of nursing professional. The four year degree nurse has skills to ask more clinical questions about a situation, use the latest result of evidence based practice, importantly judge the facts and combine them with one's scientific proficiency, patient's inclination and value; then an evaluation of the outcomes or changes based on evidence will follow. These steps will give emphasis to the whole picture of the nursing field.

The main concept of leadership is motivation and goal attainment. The leader needs to motivate the follower, clear pathway to ensure the successful accomplishment of the goal. ADN nurse is deficient in leading the health care need of patients. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) the national vote for bachelor and associate nursing courses affirms that education has a significant force on the conception and ability of all healthcare workers including nursing. A nurse who possesses a BSN level can assume accountability of the healthcare outcome of a specific group of patients through the application of research- based information to plan, implement and evaluate the outcomes of patients at the point of care. They are able to delegate the right task in exact circumstances to the correct person with precise communication,



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