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Ang Sabi Ni Daddy Lagyan Ko Lang

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Essay Preview: Ang Sabi Ni Daddy Lagyan Ko Lang

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joongbo Deleted Scenes

By Ssangchu Heaven

Sorry for not updating the blog with the new episodes ^^ Been very busy lately..

Anyways everyone knows that there are a lot of scenes that were deleted from Joongbo! I'm glad they were compiled by a joongboer @ baidu, which were translated and shared by snolaxy 84 at soompi. Added to these were stargirl777's soompi posts on other deleted scenes!

Credits: snolaxy84@soompi + stargirl777@soompi + ssangchu group@baidu

Outdoor swimming pool ep15

1. HB puts on plaster for HJ, SIY asked HB whether she is taking care of a child and HB replied yes. In the blackroom interview, HJ says buin's nickname is General and she can certainly win the witch.

Moving house ep16 n 17

2. On the moving truck, HJ took out his camera and showed HB photos of him in Thailand.

3. In the apartment, HJ mentioned again that he lost his handphone in Thailand and so buin's number is gone too. He asked for her number again and HB was very happy.

4. When HJ was putting the love contract under the glass panel, HB was worried he will break the glass and hurt himself because he was holding the glass recklessly.

5. After giving HJ the scarf, in the blackroom interview, HB said that she stayed up the whole night to finish the scarf because it was a promise between them. She is someone who keeps promises, so her friends dun make promises with her easily. (in the 10years since she debuted, she has never let her manager wait before, instead she is always ready 15min beforehand)

6. Everyone thought that HJ did not have time to practice the piano, but actually he did hire a piano teacher. However, he only had time for one lesson before he left for Thailand.

7. While playing 'bogoshipda' HJ stops halfway and says that although it has more feeling now, he shouldnt play with a moustache, he should use a clean/pure attitude to play the piano. He heads to the washroom and used a razor to shave off his moustache, returns and play the piano again.

8. HJ says maybe he should try playing 'bogoshipda' on guitar the next time. (?? not sure)

9. After HJ finish singing the incomplete 'dahaengyida' HB says its time to clean the house. HJ who feels guilty starts tagging behind her like a little puppy. He says sorry and he will sing for her again tonight. He then points to the sketch of himself given by fans and says "How can you be like that, hyun joong!" and HB bursts out laughing.

10. When pumping the float, HB speed was too slow. HJ snatched the air pump over and says "Can we finish this by donkey years?" and starts to pump at a surprisingly fast speed. In the end he got tired and says "Didn't I say that one must always have an eager and enthusiastic mindset? I now eagerly think that we do not need this at all!"

11. HJ lost his handphone so HB makes a handphone strap and pouch with white feathers on it for him. (can be seen in the blackroom interview and japan episode)

Japan ep19

12. In Japan, HJ and HB went to a cd shop. HB heads straight away to the section selling SS501 cds and starts to choose. She asks HJ for opinion on which to buy. He recommended one to her saying that even he himself doesn't have it yet. (the cd can be seen later in the recording room when HB was packing)

Holiday with Alshin couple ep20 and 21

13. In one of the first few scenes, after HJ said that HB is like a stranger. He continued on saying "After coming back from Japan, the feeling of being a 'married couple' seems to be missing/lacking/less again." and she replied saying she went (to Japan) because she was alone by herself in an empty room.

HJ says that he will be very uncomfortable when Alshin couple comes, the most he can say is "Hi, alex hyung!" and HB replies "Don't you think you should try to get close to me first?"

HJ says there will be a chance (to get close) after alshin couple arrives.

14. On the fishing boat, HB fell once and after that HJ stayed by her side for the whole time to protect her.

15. After returning to their hotel room, HJ and Alex prepared dinner. HJ made spicy rice cakes and Alex was shocked at the way HJ randomly/impulsively adds salt and stir the rice cakes. But it turned out surprisingly good!

16. On the beach, HJ asked HB to throw away the garbage. On the way back, HB went to buy drinks but she doesn't know what HJ likes, so she bought a drink that is good for health. HJ says he likes apple flavored.

Wedding photoshoot ep22 and 23

17. HB got a shock when she saw HJ carrying her wedding dress train.

18. After bobo scene, everyone in the studio asked whether HJ really kissed. HB said no HJ said yes. Conclusion is yes HJ's lips did touch.

19. While eating with boram, boram says that HB is different when she is in front of HJ and when with her friends. HJ asks her what buin is like in front of friends.. (forgot boram's reply)

20. In blackroom interview, HJ says that after this wedding photoshoot, he feels that the distance between them has become much smaller and they are closer to each other now. From now on, he realizes that he needs to step up and do something (for this marriage, for buin).

HJ hopes that HB will stop thinking about her being 29 and him being 23. He does not want to be awkward anymore, he hopes their relationship can be practical/realistic.

HJ also says "I don't think of her as being older then me or a noona anymore, in fact, our age gap is getting smaller and smaller."

Chuseok Special ep25

21. According to fans at the recording, joongbo were talking a lot right from the beginning, but halfway through, they stopped talking.

22. HJ said that the guitar part for their



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