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Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral

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Essay Preview: Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral

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Peralta, Ma. Rose Angela T.

History 1 C2

“Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”

Reaction Paper/Movie Review

Guide questions:

  1. How were the roles of the following portrayed in the film?
  1. Gregorio del Pilar

Gregorio is called “Goyong” by his family members but widely called as “Goyo”. For his brother Julian, he is an “eagle”. But for Manuel Bernal, he is a “dog” to be called and not a soldier. He is Emilio Aguinaldo’s favorite and became one of the youngest generals in the Philippine Revolution. The character Goyo was portrayed by Paulo Avelino (he is even one of the executive producers of the film). The actor gave justice to the character he is portraying—Goyo being like Jose Rizal when it comes to women (termed as playboy) and having a self-doubt about who he is—given the fact that Avelino is one of the most talented actors nowadays. Indeed, he gave us, the viewers, an immense performance.

  1. Emilio Aguinaldo

Aguinaldo is considered as the first President of the Philippines. As portrayed by Mon Confiado, Aguinaldo was indeed, a selfish man. He used his power through an unlawful manner. In the film, Alejandrino asked him on what happened to Antonio Luna. However, Aguinaldo answered it only through a question also, in which we can infer that he is responsible to Luna’s death. As Apolinario Mabini said, the revolution was a failure because it was led by a leader—referring to Aguinaldo. Confiado is an outstanding actor and mostly, he portrays the role as an antagonist.

  1. Apolinario Mabini

The role is played by Epy Quizon—a remarkable actor as well just like her father—wherein, Mabini was only sitting in his chair and writing or recording the events happening in our country during the revolution. Mabini was Aguinaldo’s adviser/mentor. Though at some point, Aguinaldo did not listen to his advices or proposals. Even though the character of Quizon was “lumpo” or paralyzed, his lines stood out throughout the film—the way he delivered it made an impact to the viewers like me. After the war, he was brought out from his home through a hammock. I must say, he is one of the best characters.

  1. Bernal brothers

Colonel Manuel Bernal (was played by Art Acuña) and Captain Jose Bernal (was played by Alex Medina in the film Heneral Luna) were Luna’s escorts during the war. Unfortunately, after the death of Luna, del Pilar and his troupe were after the Bernal brothers. Their youngest brother, Angelito, became the key to capture Manuel. He tried to escape but eventually, was caught by Julian (Goyo’s brother). Goyo convinced Manuel to join their troupe since they have the same purpose and that is to fight for the country’s independence. But Manuel firmly said that they are different, for he serves for the country while Goyo serves for his president. He even compared the boy general to a dog and not to a soldier. The Bernal brothers were killed under the supervision of del Pilar. However, the death of Jose wasn’t shown in the film.

  1. Remedios Nable Jose

Remedios was played by Gwen Zamora. Obviously, she was able to portray her role magnificently, being finesse as one of the beautiful daughters of Don Mariano Nable Jose and Goyo’s last girl to love and wished to marry (only if he was able to survive the revolution). Remedios, was not certain about her feelings for the boy general because we all know that Goyo was also known for being a playboy and are surrounded by many girls during their time. She wasn’t able to bid farewell to Goyo who was about to leave for the war. Remedios borrowed Dolores’ (her sister) handkerchief and asked her to bring the letter to Goyo. After his death, the Americans got the handkerchief with the name Dolores imprint in it. We can infer that this has started to the belief or speculation that Dolores was the last woman whom Goyo loved but truth to be told, it was Remedios. A letter of response by Goyo was read by Remedios on the last part of the film—truly a heartbreaking scene and I felt that.

  1. Joven Hernando

Joven was the assistant photographer of his uncle working for Goyo. It was played by Arron Villaflor. Joven was timid as conveyed from the movie. Before the war, he was being accompanied by Vincente and Julian while during the war, he was accompanied by Goyo’s cousin. On the latter part, he was with the son (a kid) of Lt. Garcia and they were running because of wanting to escape the war. Unfortunately, they bumped into an American soldier and Joven got rattled causing him to fall and roll through the cliff. Yet he was able to survive.

  1. Vicente Enriquez

Col. Enriquez was one of the survivors of Tirad Pass and childhood friend of Goyo and Julian. Carlo Aquino, a well-known actor, especially in today’s generation, played the said character. Vicente is a good guy and more preferably, in my own opinion, should be in Goyo’s position because he is more attentive and responsible. He was like a pacifier whenever Goyo and Julian lose their temper. He is also a brave man but when they were only few of them left during the battle in Tirad Pass, they’ve decided to remove their clothes as a sign of backing down to fight against the American soldiers and started to run.

  1. Jose Alejandrino

The character was portrayed by Alvin Anson—also one of the outstanding actors in the industry. In the first part, Alejandrino was suspected/accused by a soldier as Antonio Luna. He informed the soldier that Luna was already dead. He is also one of the generals during the Philippine Revolution and considered Luna as his friend. On the first part, he and Mabini had a conversation about Goyo. Fast forward, there was a scene when he asked President Aguinaldo about what happened to Antonio Luna. However, he was only answered through a question as well. He was in a different location and/or battle when Goyo died.

  1. Do you agree with Apolinario Mabini’s words that the revolution is a failure? Explain your answer.

Mabini was considered as the “brain of the revolution”. He was able to witness and put into words the events regarding the revolution. Mabini for me is an intellectual person and indeed someone I can trust and agree with.

As I have watched the movie and read some articles about Mabini’s perception of revolution, I can definitely say, yes. As uttered by Mabini, “Nabigo ang rebolusyon dahil mali ang pamumuno dito. Sa halip na suportahan ni Ginoong Aguinaldo ang mga taong tunay na naglilingkod sa bayan, tinanggalan pa sila ng pakinabang.” For him, the death of General Luna—the steadfast advocate of the revolution—during the revolution rages on the war against the American. Again, Aguinaldo is responsible for this, as well as the death of Bernal Brothers. (He was selfish and somewhat self-absurd.)



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