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Animal Testing Debate

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Currently, many groups and organizations are arguing whether or not animal testing should be banned. Some people believe that there are reasons why animal experiments should be done. Others believe that it is morally wrong. Some experts believe that there are other options available. It is widely accepted that there are several benefits to use animals-based science in scientific research, education and medical research because of the benefits they bring to both animal and people. On the other hand, it could not be implemented directly to human and there is a lack of cost effectiveness. It is noticeable that animal testing should not be banned in terms of the usefulness from animals-based science.

Firstly, research using animals has diverse aims. Some researchers usually use animals to experiment with on them. For example, investigate their behaviour, simply just study the animal, investigate animal breeding and so on. Moreover, some experts claim that it can be beneficial to improving the health and well-being of people.

'In the late 1940s, polio crippled and killed thousands of people around the world every year. today, the disease has been eliminated from most of the world only 16 countries worldwide have cases of polio in limited areas. Today's children routinely receive a vaccine that provides a lifetime of protection from the disease which were made possible through animal research. Untold millions of people around the world are healthy adults because of these vaccines, which were made possible through animal research. (AALAC, n.d.).

It is very clear that without such testing all of these procedures that save thousands of lives and elevate the pain of millions of people would simply not be possible. Apart from that, it could be useful in military defence research. Ian Murnaghan states that 'military defence uses animal testing for a variety of areas, including the development of weapons and vaccines'. (Ian Murnaghan 2010). It would be assumed that animals used in military defence are usually used to test new vaccines and improve weapons. This is very advantageous as that the military can maintain a high technological standard. Animals are also used to investigate injury; that way they will know how to handle further situations involving this kind of damage. 'An experienced cancer researcher and pharmacologist with a strong interest in understanding how animals help advance medical research". (Dr. Forster, 2011). Therefore, there is strong support to suggest that without animal testing, they could never have accomplished some of the great advances that have been made in scientific research.

Secondly, some experts believe that all such education involves describing, explaining and demonstrating how the bodies of animal and people work and how the functions of the body can be modified to benefit animals or people. 'The American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine takes the position that their responsible use of animals in biomedical research, testing, and education is essential to the prevention and treatment of diseases of animals and man'. (ACLAM, n.d.). Animal education has not benefited humans alone. It has also improved healthcare and a longer life span; farm animals, household pets, wild species and endangered species are all benefiting from the study



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