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Animal Testing

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Animal Testing

Cosmetic testing on animals has been banned since 1997 but do not assume that every product on the shelves is safe to buy now. The reason behind this worrying, being any number of ingredients which make said product can be tested on animals, thus the only thing that was not tested was the product as a whole. Testing cosmetics on animals is only illegal in EU, meaning if the product is made in another country it could have been tested on animals, yet the products are still being sold in EU. Animal testing is a big problem while creating popular cosmetic products; however, the sixth most popular perfume company and the top selling perfume have stopped using musk in their products. Musk is one of the most valuable things in the world, and each deer only holds a small amount of it, so in order to collect enough many deer ends up dying. On average, one hundred and sixty deer are killed in order to acquire one kilogram of musk. As a result, musk deer numbers are dropping at an alarming rate across Asia.

Another problem the movement is facing has to do with the labels on products. Consumers are being swindled in to buying products that test on animals because they use the word "natural" on their products. Legally products are able to claim that they are natural as long as at least two percent of the product are made up of natural ingredients. Natural products are appealing for not only the animals and earth but many users also claim there is a lack of skin irritation. It is difficult to find completely natural products, especially since perfume products do not have to list the ingredients unlike face care products.



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