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Animal Testing

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Animal testing, is it right or wrong? To many it is immoral, and should be outlawed. To others is an easy way to develop products for human consumption and use without having to endanger humans themselves. In truth animal experimentation is the use of animals in biological, medical, and psychological studies. For years this has been a topic of debate and seems to have no end in sight. In truth, as long as it is done properly and the animals are humanely taken care of, there is no reason that animal testing should be outlawed.

Animal testing has been used in the scientific world ever since the fifteenth century, even though it did not become popular until the early 1900's. Around this time people began to see animals as having feelings and understood that they could feel pain, which then led to animal testing becoming controversial. This controversy has now developed into one of the most in-depth discussed topics within intelligent society. While many argue that it is immoral and unnecessary to test any product or procedure on animals, scientist believe that animal testing and experimentation is an excellent and safe way to determine if products and procedures are safe for humans. They also say that it is easier because there are more animals than there are humans. Animal experimentation has and continues to help develop many major medical advances, including the discovery of and expansion of antibiotics, vaccines, and surgical techniques.

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Surgeons and scientist aren't the only ones learning from animal testing and research though. Many other scientific fields use animal testing to help them understand human society better. Psychologists observe animal behavior by putting them in certain situations, such as physical and mental stress, to learn how similar conditions might affect human behavior. Consumables and cosmetics are tested on animals to discover what types of harmful effects may occur when the products are used on humans. Environmentalists also use animal testing to discover better and more humane ways to protect a range of animal species that are endangered and hopefully stop them from becoming extinct.

Many animals that used to freely roam the world no longer do. This is due to extinction which is brought on by over hunting, blights, and food shortages. With animal testing, scientists have the ability to learn more about endangered and near extinct animals. They can study their habitats, food choices, habits and characteristics, and species diseases to understand more about them. The data gathered from these studies can help remove an animal from the endangered list, and even save an entire species from the brink of extinction. Scientist have saved some species from extinction by discovering more efficient breeding methods. Animal testing has already shown to be useful in the field of animal diseases as cure for the deadly virus of rabies has been found, and has successfully been proven to work. There have even been types of pesticides discovered that kill insects that harm crops yet leave ones that are beneficial unharmed.

Scientists test chemicals in food products and cosmetics on certain types of animals to make sure they are safe to use. Sometimes scientist test types of food on animals to see what kind of reaction the body will have if the food is ingested. They



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