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Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

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Essay Preview: Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

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Synchronicity: The inner path of leadership

"Wanderer there is no path, you lay a path in walking"(134). When Joseph Jaworski allowed his life to unfold in a natural way he started to be happier and more successful. He started to experience significant events in his life and developed a very intuitive mind that is how he discovered that all the events in his life were not just a coincidence. He achieved things that were inconceivable for most people such as leaving his successful law firm and founding the Leadership Forum. People and certain events started to manifest in a perfect way in order to help him through his journey. Joseph Jaworski talks about synchronicity, how to achieve inner peace and connect with the universe which might sound a bit metaphysical but we all have experienced it in our life at some point. Successful leaders and business entrepreneurs achieve ultimate success by living their lives this way.

Jaworski realized that he had a bigger purpose in life and started meeting interesting people such as Bohm and Valera who were his guides and taught him important lessons. Events like this might sound a like miracles and are hard to believe possible but they do happen and very often. For example, we have all experienced synchronicity. We are thinking about an old friend or a person and we ran into this person or receive a call from he or she or things come together in an almost unbelievable way and we feel like hidden hands are helping us. Usually we attribute this events to coincidences when they are actually significant events that happen for a very important reason called synchronisms. We have learned in this class about people who were visionaries and think about creating products or services that were very ahead of their time, such as James Cameron and Steve Jobs. People thought these men were crazy and that their ideas did not make any logical sense. In this book, Jaworski is in the same page. However, his ideas did not seem logical to people but he kept going and believed in himself. He became aware that the events that were happening were not just a coincidence and that he was meant to embark in a new journey. Just like these visionaries did, we all can become whatever we want to. The power of the mind is infinite. We can achieve anything we set our mind to. But we need to be at peace, stop stressing and stop listening to negative people. If visionaries would have listened to these negative people we would be lacking a lot of technology today.

Far from telling you how to be a good leader page by page, this book explains how to believe in yourself and connect with the universe. How to transcend the boundaries that we have created throughout our life that make us think that we are limited beings. Only after you achieve oneness with the universe and realize your true potential you can become a great leader and do everything you want no matter how impossible it might seem. In this case, Jaworski became an exceptional leader and wanted to teach others what he discovered, he decided to follow his dream. Jaworski



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