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Attitude Towards online Shopping

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Essay Preview: Attitude Towards online Shopping

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Attitude towards online shopping

Consumers’ attitude is a directly influenced factor that affects the consumers’ buying willingness. Asiegbu (2012) defines attitude is a learned predisposition to respond or react in a consistently favorable (like) or unfavorable (dislike) manner with respect to a given object/situation. Attitude as defined by Voon (2011) is a psychological construct which represents an individual’s readiness to act or react in a certain way. Besides that, Jarvenpaa (2000) tested a model of consumer attitude towards specific web-based stores, in which perceptions of the store’s reputation and size were assumed to affect consumer trust of the retailer.

Many previous studies have investigated the influence of attitudes in the adoption of online shopping and indicated that attitudes is important in predicting online shopping Intention or behaviour. Delafrooz (2009) showed that the level of online shopping intention was relatively high and direction of attitude towards online shopping was positive among the postgraduate students in Malaysia. Delafrooz (2009), attitude towards online shopping is influenced by demographic factors, such as gender, age and income. A study by Hashim et al (2009) among UiTM part-time students also concluded their chosen five demographic variables (gender, age, job designation, marital status and salary) are important determinants of online shopping behaviour. Mojtaba Nourbakhsh et al (2012) have revealed attitude towards online shopping is a significant predictor of making online purchases and purchasing behaviour. Many previous research found that trust is a significant factors that influence online shopping (Gefen, 2002; Koufaris and Hampton-Sosa, 2004; Koufaris and Hampton-Sosa, 2002 in Syed Shah Alam et al, 2008). Jarvenpaa et al (2000) believed that trust is associated with lower perceived risk of shopping at the website.

Items of Attitude towards online shopping





I think the trust is very important to purchase through online.

Jarvenpaa et al (2000)


I think demographic (gender, age, job designation, marital status and salary) would affects the online shopping behaviour.

Hashim et al (2009)


I think the frequency of online shopping was depends on customer’s attitude.

Delafrooz (2009)







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