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Online Shopping Questionnaire

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Essay Preview: Online Shopping Questionnaire

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Online Shopping Questionnaire


This questionnaire is  a survey about the factors influencing risk perception of customer for online shopping in China. It should only cost you 5 minutes to complete and all of your answers will be treated with the strictest confidence. Thank you.



1. Your gender:                 Male [pic 1]                  Female  

    您的性别:                 男                       女

2. Your ages :


    A.  < 18

    B. 18 —24

    C. 24 —35

    D. 35 —45

    E.  > 45

3. Have you ever done online shopping before?


    A. Yes 有

    B. No 没有

4. How often do you shop online?


    A. Hardly 几乎不

    B. once a mouth 每月一次

    C. once a week 每周一次

    D. more than once a week 每周多次

5. Compared with the online shopping do you prefer physical store?


    A. Yes 是

    B. No 不是

6. What kind of products you usually buy on online(Multiple choice)?


    A. Book  


    B. Food (take away)  

        食物 (外卖)

    C. 3C Products  


    D. Clothes,shoes and makeup


    E. Luxury product  


    F. Car


    G. Virtual products(Game, E-book, Software,etc)

         虚拟产品(游戏币, 电子书, 软件等)

    H. Daily necessities


     I. Tourist travel  


    J. ____________________

7. How much of your bought the most expensive product on online shopping?


   A. <£10

   B. £10—£50

   C. £50—£100

   D. £100—£500

   E. >£500

Which of the following is your are you most worried about(Multiple choice):


1. Financial Risk


    A. Distribution process problem (damaged or lost cargo) after payment    


    B. Price cuts soon after your bought products.  


    C. Online payment by bank card password be stolen    


    D. Being cheated by unscrupulous businessmen causing economic losses  



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