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Online-Shopping Case

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Essay Preview: Online-Shopping Case

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Nowadays, online-shopping become the most important part in the online business world. Many people decide to use online-shopping, instead of going to shop at the department store.

Facebook Fan Page is one of the valuable platforms which many people choose as it is the high-potential of successful online markets. Facebook is a social networking website with over 1 billion users. This social platform allows users the ability to stay in contact with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances, so this is the opportunity for online company to use this huge network to build the relationship with the customers and create the big social platform which can attract a lot of customers by using word-of mouth.

So I would like to introduce the good elements to make Facebook Fan Page become successful.

1. Networking with other platforms: To build a large following requires a network of other platforms: connecting multiple social platforms and a hub from the brand website, can help funnel consumers throughout the network. I think it is the most important part to create the online network nowadays. Many companies use a link to their Facebook fan page and their main website profile. For example, Victoria's Secret leverages the traffic their home page gets and pushes them to their Facebook fan page.

2. Creating a resource: Some pages are used as connection hubs, but others offer information pertinent to their consumers. They use the information as added value to have consumers create a connection with the brand. This creates the big opportunity to convert their users to be their permanent customers in the near future. Moreover, offering a resource page allows a brand to target a new demographic, outside of those that already know and love the business.

3. Creating contests that include participation: Offering something to consumers to join can help build a large community. Some examples of things to offer: Coupons, free shipping, weekly deals. For brands that want fan pages to have added value (a reason for users to join the page, aside from brand loyalty), but don't want to become a resource portal; offering contests and coupons specifically to Facebook users can entice consumers to join. Brand awareness can help the customers to become brand loyalty in the long run.

4. Empowering pre-existing fan pages: Taking over unsanctioned Facebook fan pages isn't always the best idea. Instead, rewarding dedication can inspire others to do the same. One of example about social media involves the Coca Cola Facebook page. The fan page was created by two users who liked Coke. What started as a fan page for fun, turned out to be the largest product fan page on Facebook. Coca Cola, instead of taking over the page and making it their own, rewarded the fans by bringing them to Atlanta and giving them a tour of the Coke facility. The fan page remains theirs, but now they have the blessing



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