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Essay Preview: Basketball

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It was a few years ago, on the Atlantic coast where I would face one of the most amazing challenges in my life. I was vacationing on the Cape, with my family along with my cousins from California. We have been lucky throughout the past years because we are able to see them almost every year!

My cousin Shane, who is the same age as me, and I enjoyed catching all types of ocean creatures. We would search for any creatures that sparked our interest. We would capture abundant amounts of minnows, baby bluefish and sand fish. On other occasions we would catch crabs, small eels, and even blowfish! But at the end of the day, we would always release our catch, but not after a few photos! In order to capture the creatures, we used rather large nets that could snag a shooting star out of the night sky. If we did not hold them right, sometimes we would lose our balance and topple forwards into the water!

We had been searching the entire morning, we had been catching minnows here and there. We were about to take a break when soon enough my cousin's sharp eye spots an eel, around 2 feet in length! He quickly pointed it out to me. This is no tall tale, as we both watched it slither through the water just as a snake would in the dessert. Out of pure desperation of being traumatized by its colossal size he quick took a swing at it, but he missed. We both watched as it darted under the jetties. After the unsuccessful attempt, we both felt that the chances of catching this beast were very slim, but we decided to give it a shot anyways!

Stealthily, we climbed onto the rocks, swaying in awkward motions trying not to cast our shadow into the water for it would warn the beast of our presence. We finally manage to find a



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