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Marketing Plan for Basketball

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan for Basketball

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With the number of colleges and entertainment in the city of Buffalo a student has endless options as to what they would like to do on any given basketball game night:

* Canisus Basketball

* UB Basketball

* Party/social event

* Medaille Basketball

* Ect.

Keeping this in mind, coupled with the fact that our teams are not doing too well at this point in time; our market is already small. What we as a team decided to do is begin small then expand on our market.

As a group we have come up with several key ways to increase our worth and fan base beginning with our local community. Some things that we have come up with include adding "incentives" to those students who actually attend the games, doing local radio promotions, become more of a stable in our own general community, and possibly getting together with an on campus organization or fraternity. In adding "incentives" for students who attend the game we came up with a promotional add whereas the first 100 students that attend a basketball game with receive an additional 25 dollars toward their meal plans declining balance if they were to run low at the end of the semester, we think that this will increase the student's motivation to attend games given the fact that during the last few weeks of the semester students declining balance tends to run low and they have to either attend the now crowded social hall or find other means of eating. We felt that Buffalo State student-athletes don't get the exposure that allows them to connect with the community like other area schools get, and also our students rarely hear about interesting events or promotions that go on at games. In an effort to fix this we have decided to begin making public service announcements on the local WBLK 93.7 radio station about interesting events that may coincide with upcoming games like ways you can get deals at you local Tops or Wegmans for game attendance. Becoming a stable in our own community is one of the big strategic outline plans we wanted to implement into our marketing and advertising process, with this we wanted to go a little further and beyond what we usually do here at Buffalo State College. Currently there are several good community relations builders that Buffalo State has i.g. "kids night out", community service projects, and hospital visits to local sick children. We wanted to take thius aspect of our project in a different direction so what we decided that we would do is set up special events in our local area Tops, Wegmans, and Target where we take a Saturday during the season when their is no game and we have our Bengal mascot and a few athletes stand outside the store and "meet an greet" customers and give them a quick background on the basketball team



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