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Be Motivated or Motivate Yourself

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Essay Preview: Be Motivated or Motivate Yourself

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Be motivated or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice' - Wayne Dyer

We are encumbered in a world filled with endless opportunities. Not to take an advantage of these incentivizes is a robbery upon the highest kind. Lugubriously, we are stealing from ourselves. The irony of it is that no one is stealing from us what isn't rightfully ours. We simply refuse to go out and earn it. Therefore we are robbing from ourselves.

Choices is an intricate word defined as the range of things we choose from. Question is what are these ' things' are they goals; the standards we set before ourselves; the clothing we choose to wear; or the vernacular language that retrieved from our mouths. Truth is it is all these incentivizes and much more. Whatever has to be done will always be done by our own personal choice. Our religion, our style, education even the kind and cruel gestures we portray towards one another.

They are all apart of the human nature we renamed as free will. But will this free will motivate us and enable us to go beyond what life sets before us, or will it give us the common opportunity to become our own worst downfall. The truth of the matter is the choice is ours.

" Even if you fall on your face, your still moving forward."- Victor Kiam

Success in many circumstances always seem to be outweighed by failure. It has been inferred that before we encounter achievements we interact with a few obstacles. Suddenly we become one with the act, never the less we learn from it as it learns from us. We struggle with it as it seems parasitic to us. But the best of us shall overcome it. No matter what circumstance that failure has put us in we strive to continue on from it. But whether we realized it or not, we have already moved forward from the moment they happened.



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