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Benefits of Programming Knowledge

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Essay Preview: Benefits of Programming Knowledge

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After reading chapters two and three of the text book, "Java: How to Program" along with reflecting and entertaining what was read, one can make a fair summation non-programmers can benefit by knowing the basic concepts of java. There are several benefits for non-programmers to have some education of java. However; I have discovered the most significant can be an avenue for career advancement. Another significant reason would be a non-programmer can clearly communicate what he or she would like a specific or several programs to do.

As any business owner should know the basic concept of accounting (bookkeeping) to understand the financial aspect of a business, it could very advantages for a business owner should also know the basic concept of programming. Knowing the basic concept of programming can make the process of gathering information and fulfilling the desire of the person or persons requesting program or programs more precise in request and possibly less time consuming because the line of communication could possibly be easier to comprehend. Communication is a very important part of programming and most often may be confusing when one is not sure exactly what he or she desires. Communication could also be easier between department employees when programmers are designing programs to be more productive and efficient for department. The process of gather information may also be easier and less time consuming because each, the programmer and the person or persons requesting both have a basic understanding of programming.

In a time of unforeseeable events when a programmer may be in a pinch and need additional help, a non-programmer person who has basic knowledge of programming can or may assist a programmer on a project which may be of time essence.



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