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Bibles Case

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I decided to go to a christian church that was very different from the catholic church that I grew up in. The Christian church is Granger Community Church a huge place with thousands of people, very different from what I am used to. The first thing that I noticed is there were no bibles or hymnals available to you on hand. I am use to them both being behind the seats of the pews in front of you for you to pick up at your leisure. I could tell this would not be the case when I first walked in and there was a café in the church and an atm looking machine for where you can give your offerings. This church was what I would call very 21st century.

When sitting down there is 3 big screen projectors for you to look at which take the place of the need for bibles because when the pastor speaks the scripture he is reading from is displayed on all the projection screens. To me it felt less intimate than what I am used to. In my church you look around and see everyone with an individiule bible highlighting scripture andflipping to every page that the priest announces he will be reading from. This was also true when it came to singing of songs the words were posted onto the projectors and everyone just read from them. There were no traditional or old songs sung so I see where the need for hymnals would become unnecessary. Even though I felt this environment to be less intimate with God there were some upsides to these projectors. You didn't have to russel through your own bible to find your place and people who don't normally bring bibles to church would still have the choice to read along. The downside is when you don't have something infront of you and are going off of a projector its hard to keep up, when the pastor is done saying a certain scripture the scripture is no longer to you disposal. Also you cannot highlight the parts that you think are important and want to go back to. For me this makes the intake and long term memory process a little harder. There was one thing that was given out before the church service started and that was a pamphlet with the scriptures that were going to be gone through and main points that were going to be hit. This may be made for people to use when they go back home.

Singing in church is my favorite part. It was different singing songs with more 21st century genres such as rock but it was fun also. The songs were no less biblical. What was cool about the songs was that they were not all done in the beginning like many churches but the singing came at random times. Once the pastor was done with a section he would take a break and we would sing a song that went along with the scripture I believe this to be a good strategy. It complimented the scripture and preaching that was previously done very well an helped me relate to the subjects and become more emotionally attached.

You can tell that this church takes much pride in their church and want people to be knowledgable with the bible



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